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Creative Community

Hello and welcome! We're delighted to have you here. Whether you're new to our community or already a part of the team we hope you'll find everything you need.

Our members

Here you can get to know our members; find interesting performers, artists, composers, project-partners, teachers and become a part of the team.

Our Motivation

We are very exited, that through our community people from different art professions all over the world can unit, inspire each other and bring a lot of beauty, wonderful creations and interpretations in this world.


Check out our latest news! Here you can find important announcements about our community, find some planning projects you might take part in, invitations to participate in some masterclasses, conversations, interviews.


All upcoming events with links to all online broadcasts have been listed here.  

Our Values

We sure, that due to the accumulation of creatively formed personalities in the community, students from all over the world could find among the community members, their creative mentors (teachers/ consultants), who would be able to reveal their creative and mental potentials; 
Groups, performers could enrich their repertoires with musical works written by members of our community; 
Producers and organisers could find among the community members performers, composers, artists and teachers they are looking for.

Our Story

Our story just begins...Let's create it together!

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